Big Cats and Laser Pointers

9 09 2011

Via Scoop.itdog and cat health care

I just learned of an interesting tool called While playing around with the site, I came across a video from the people at the Big Cat Rescue. In this video, they see if big cats chase a laser dot the way house cats do. Of course I started wondering if tigers, lions and cheetahs acted like larger versions of Rembrandt and Rinaldo. Check out their results by watching the video below. 

Now, how would these big boys act if I opened a can of cat food. Rembrandt almost breaks my neck getting to the yum-yums. I’m sure these guys would finish the job.





One response

14 09 2011

I love cats of all sizes! I was struck while watching the cats that did chase the laser by how much it resembled a cat catching a mouse or other small rodent. It made me wonder if their reaction depended on whether or not they were hungry.

Interesting stuff though 🙂

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